Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Glazfit will add Try On buttons to your product pages, by default next to your Add to Cart button. You will need to provide a virtual glasses or frame for each product so that your customers can try it on.

We also provide a tool to automatically generate a virtual glasses from photos available on your product page and Virtual Glasses Design Service.

How does Virtual Try On look like on my storefront?

See an example here

Try On Settings

After installing Glazfit, what do I need to do?

- If you install Glazfit Shopify app, just need to upload virtual glasses for each product and enable the Try On for it

- If you have regular website, need to add the following scripts to each of your product page before creating tryon

<script src=""> Try On </button>
xxx is your subscription token with Glazfit
<button class="btn" id="glazfit-tryon"> Try On </button>

How does a virtual glasses look like?

A virtual glasses is a photo of the glasses in front view and backgroun-transparent, examples are as follows:

Try On Photo Sample
Try On Photo Sample
Try On Photo Sample

What if I don't have any virtual glasses available?

No worries, we provide a virtual glasses design service where our design team will use your available photos to create a virtual glasses for you. But unfortunately, it is not free, it costs US$ 10 for each virtual glasses to cover the design work. You can request the service in app dashboard.

What settings are available for the app?

You can change the display language and color of the Try On window

[TODO: update the photo]

What if the virtual glasses doesn't fit very well to my face?

In some rare situations, you may see the virtual glasses appears bigger or smaller than your face or not in the correct position. No worries, you can adjust it by using Preview function associated to each virtual glasses on the app dashboard.

Can I move or customize Try On button?

By default, the Try On button has the your theme style and automatically placed next to Add to cart or floating at the right bottom corner but you always can customize or move it to other place.
  1. In your dashboard, Go to Online Store > Themes > Customize Theme > More actions > Edit Code (or Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit HTML/CSS)
  2. Navigate to product.liquid or single-product.liquid or product-template.liquid, copy the following code snippet to your prefered location.
    <button class="btn" id="glazfit-tryon"> Try On </button>
  3. You can personalize the button as you wish, see some examples below

How to change default model?

Go to Preview and upload your favorite model. You can adjust try on as you wish and click Save as default model to save it.

Change default model

I am curious about the technology behind this?

Glazfit uses the cutting-edge technology of 3D Face Tracking; it is a computer algorithm that can perceive movements on human face.

Need more help?

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